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Located in the Aragonese Pre-Pyrenees, Reino de los Mallos Bike is the youngest and southernmost MTB Kingdoms destination in the Pyrenees, with mountain ranges rising up to 1,600 metres above sea level. We have a very diverse landscape, ranging from cereal and steppe plains to pine and holm oak forests on the southern slopes of the mountain range, to humid Pyrenean forests on the northern slopes But undoubtedly, the main attraction of the landscape are the mallos Here, in this Kingdom of the Mallos, which includes the well-known Mallos de Riglos, Peña Rueba and Mallos de Agüero,we find one of the world’s largest geological complexes, with over300 metres highconglomerate rock masses, which for decades have attracted climbers, geologists, naturalists and now cyclists from all over the world.

Theriver Gállego, which shapes our region, is also well known for its white water sports, such as rafting, canoeing and hydrospeed in spring and summer. And we cannot forget the impressive medieval cultural legacy of our area, with Loarre Castle (11th century), one of the best medieval castles in the world, with thousands of visitors every year. The Collegiate Church of Bolea, the Romanesque Church of El Salvador de Agüero, Marcuello Castle or the Virgen de la Peña rock hermitage of Aniés are other essential places to visit in terms of cultural heritage that you should not miss.

We are an area close to the city of Huesca(30 km) and Zaragoza(100 km) and close to BGuara in the Sierra de Guara, ideal for cycling in autumn, winter and spring. In summer you can also cycle in the evenings and on the north-facing routes.

As for cycling routes, the enduroroutes on trails recovered thanks to this project are the most popular, especially in the area around Mallos de Agüero, Mallos de Riglos, Foz de Salinas, Sierra de Loarre and Santa Eulalia de Gállego. In 2021 we opened the fun cross-country circuit “Refollau” in Ayerbe.

If you like cycling calmly and without steep slopes, we have beautiful routes around the La Sotonera reservoir and also in Biscarrués (Redoladas) and Ayerbe (Carnicrabas) with easy trails along the banks of the Gállego River. But if you want a challenge, don’t miss our trail in Bolea (Desafío Caballera) through the Sierra Caballera, a real high-altitude challenge on a track.

Technical details:

Nº of routes: 11

2 Rally

6 Enduro

Cross country "Refollau" Ayerbe

1 Family routes

1 road bike

Prepirenaica Slow Medieval

Km of trails

40 km

Best cycling season:

The best seasons to ride are autumn, winter and spring. In summer it is recommended to cycle in the evenings and on forest or north-facing routes.

Type of terrain:

5 essential routes

Don't miss out:

  • The refollao or “refollau”, anise cakes and Ayerbe cakes in bakeries in Ayerbe.
  • The wine of the IGP Ribera del Gállego-Cinco Villas.
  • Grilled game and meat in local restaurants.
  • Oil and almonds from the Kingdom of the Mallos.

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How to get

By road

The central village of Reino de los Mallos Bike is Ayerbe. It´s accessed from the south by the A-132 road from Huesca and from the north (from Jaca or Pamplona) by the same A-132 road from the village of Puente La Reina.

By plane

The nearest airports are

Zaragoza Airport (1 hour and a half drive from the airport to Ayerbe):


Barcelona Airport: (3 hours drive from the airport to Ayerbe):


Bilbao Airport (4 hours drive from the airport to Ayerbe):