MTB Kingdoms presentation at the IMBA Europe Summit in Val di Sole (Italy).

MTB Kingdoms Pyrenees will explain its development model at the IMBA Europe Summit in Val di Sole: “Rethinking Mountain Biking” (June 1-4, 2022).

From June 1st to 4th, the IMBA-IMBA Europe Mountain Bike Summit will be held in Val di Sole (Italy). an international meeting that has been held since 2014 and is the main meeting point for all the actors involved in the world of mountain biking and coming from all corners of the world (USA; Argentina, Czech Republic, UK, Italy, Switzerland, etc).

The initial goal of these meetings was to bring together the collective of IMBA Europe member organizations to share best practices, initiate new projects and discuss trends and challenges in mountain biking. However, over the years, the IMBA Summits have attracted an increasingly diverse range of participants, organizations and companies. From mountain bike advocacy groups, trail builders and bicycle and tourism industry professionals, to land managers, academics, public authorities and health professionals.

In this 2022 edition, the newly created association MTB Kingdoms Pyrenees which brings together five cycling destinations in the province of Huesca (Zona Zero Pirineos, Puro Pirineo-Vale de Benasque, B-Guara, Espacio BTT Alto Gállego y Reino de los Mallos Bike), will give a technical presentation on June 3, which will explain the reasons for this pioneering collaborative project in Spain, as well as the keys to the regenerative development project linked to the recovery and maintenance of traditional roads. This lecture entitled: “How to recover the network of old traditional roads and their impact as critical infrastructures for the development of rural communities”, will be given by Jorge Ruiz de Eguilaz. He will also explain how the enhancement of these trails can not only help to attract tourism and visitors to rural areas, but also help to improve local communities by recovering heritage, increasing outdoor activities and improving the sense of belonging or rootedness among neighbors. The presentation will be shared with Tobi Gessler (Ride Albania MTB) in the fourth session of the day, entitled Regional Sustainable Development. Revitalization in rural areas and developing countries.

This presentation is also the international presentation of MTB Kingdoms Pyrenees, which aims to be a recognizable entity in the national and international cycling scene, which defends its vision of how sustainable cycling destinations should be, as well as the importance of the recovery of traditional roads in rural areas and the promotion of cycling tourism in all its forms, to generate a model of regenerative tourism development in rural areas. Translated with (free version)

The IMBA Europe Mountain Bike Summit (IMBA Europe Summit) is a three-day event that combines speeches by opinion leaders with workshops, tours, project meetings, round tables and social activities, including group activities. The main theme of the summit “Rethinking Mountain Biking” includes new perspectives on what is sustainable, and challenges all speakers and participants to be open to new ideas and solutions to ensure a bright future for mountain biking in all its aspects. The IMBA Europe Summit is a great opportunity for members and partners to come together to learn from each other, discuss common problems and future challenges.